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What to bring to your baby photoshoot

My baby photography studio is bursting at the seams with blankets, outfits, hats, headbands, baby props etc. so you don't need to bring anything with you as such (other that the usual baby bag items; milk, bottles, nappies, wipes etc.).

However, if there is anything that is sentimental to you as a family or baby then do bring it along as I'll incorporate them into the photos to make them extra special.

In the past parents have brought teddies, blankets, outfits, baby scan photos, milestone cards, jewellery, wedding veil, wedding rings etc. Here are some examples...

Little Oscar with his Grandma's scarf. He gave the biggest smile when I laid it across him it was such a lovely moment.

Here is little Ava with a USA flag and heart - as her Mummy and Daddy got married in New York!

Molly and Teddy... with their teddies!

Newborn photoshoot leeds

Using your own props such as teddies make images that extra bit special. It is super lovely to see how much baby has grown over the years in comparison to the prop.

Please do keep in mind that baby photoshoots can take a while, therefore try to limit the items you bring to just a couple.


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