Hi I'm Jenna! I live in Yorkshire where I grew up (I also went to Uni in Sheffield and I tried to live in London, so I have a confused accent, but home will always be Yorkshire).


I love weddings, babies, people, photography, travel, the outdoors, the charity sector any anything Olivia Burton. I shoot weddings at weekends and babies (mostly) through the week.


I also like climbing mountains and sticking my arms out supposedly. I actually just found this out when I was trying to find photos of me.

Jenna is everything you wish for in a wedding photographer and so much more. Professional, friendly, relaxed and happy to help wherever possible.....within two minutes of meeting she was helping the blokes attach buttonholes as we didn't have a clue! We had so many great comments about Jenna on the day from our guests. As for the photos....they are STUNNING!!

I'd like to start by giving a shout out to Carrie and Bevan for having a pizza van at their wedding. You made all of my dreams come true... weddings and pizza is my life. After that it is cheese (any cheese). Then the great outdoors; hiking, running, camping, travelling...

The place that has totally stolen my heart is Lac d'Annecy in France. Every inch of that place is beautiful (and it is only 4 hours away!). Bagan in Myanmar at sunrise and Doubtful Sound in New Zealand both come in second. The top of Mt Kilimanjaro is pretty epic too (but it gets third place as me and 5,895m do not mix - altitude sickness is not fun).

I also really enjoy live music. One of the best times of my life was when I went to watch Cold Play in Barcelona! Oh and Nick Mulvey at the Albert Hall in Manchester - oh wow!! Ed in Cardiff. Adele in Manchester. Kings of Leon. V-fest was cool too back in the day. 

Believe it or not I actually really enjoy the nights in too (especially in winter and high pollen days). With my slippers, a cup of tea (has to from the teapot), my boyfriend and cat, trying to finish the huge jigsaw puzzle we are attempting to complete - total geek at heart. 

During the week I am in my lovely studio in Ilkley taking photos of Newborn babies and OABs (Old Age Babies). I LOVE IT! Sometimes it gets a bit tricky when you have a newborn with a 2 year and 6 year old sibling... Yes, I have the patience of a saint (I salute you parents!) and I'm officially a pro at recognising cries for colic, acid and getting babies to sleep. So I apologise if I don't get photos of your first kiss whilst I'm attending to the crying baby.


Thanks to photographing weddings I have met some super lovely friends that I talk to every day and we help each other out all the time. They are my wedding and photography glossary. 


As well as the adventurous side of me (taking photos of 6 siblings all below the age of 7). I like to think I'm a girly girl sometimes too. During bridal prep I'm actually just listening to the make up artist and writing notes on the next best make up (darn you teen acne!). I think it's great because it means I have an eye for pretty photographs, but I also don't mind crawling along the floor in the rain to get the shot.

Oh, and thats me looking more like a star fish (with hair) that has just been dragged through a bush. We got up at 1am to hike for 6 hours to see the sunrise, to realise the view was better half way down... so then we had to run back down. 

If you also love travelling you can view more photos from my travels here. 

About 4 years ago I found my arm sticking out partner, Ryan... He loves the outdoors slightly more than me, and recently ran the Yorkshire Three Peaks (a marathon over 3 mountains!!). Yep, forever the photographer never the bride (eye roll). Ryan - if you ever read this, I love anything Olivia Burton. 


I am more than just arms and mountains. If you would like to get to know me better before you hire me for your wedding day or special occasion feel free to get in touch to organise a consultation.


You can keep up to date with my work (and view my random posts on various photography stuff) and read reviews from real clients by liking my Facebook page 'Jenna Meeking - Photography' or find me on Instagram.