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Baby Photographer

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So your baby is no longer a newborn... How quick did that go by? 

You'll of probably noticed how quick they have already grown and how adorable they are when they start holding their head up, rolling, sitting or grabbing their toes. If you missed the newborn stage (6 weeks+) don't panic. Babies grow so quickly that any age is super special.

To capture the sleepy newborn stage, see here.



Natural, simple, elegant and timeless.

I love natural photos.

I just let baby be a baby. Capturing the different faces they pull, their little hands, toes, eyes, hair and all the little details. These are the photos that will never grow old, even when your baby does.

I'll also create a range of scenes using the colours you love to create beautiful pieces of art for your home.

Family and sibling photos are included at no extra cost.

Please read about my temporary photography studio here!

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A lot of people think that once you're past the newborn sleepy stage you've missed out on the sleepy curled up baby photoshoot. This could not be further from the truth! It just means your baby will be a little more alert and maybe want extra cuddles and feeds. Some photographers who focus mostly on posing baby may require them to be photographed within the first 10 days but because my style is to capture natural photographs, any age is welcomed! Plus the older they are the more chance of a gummy smile to add to the collection!


At 3 months old your baby is a lot more alert – when you support their shoulders in a sitting position their head is steady and upright and they can look around while holding their upper back straight. During tummy time they can lift their head and shoulders off the floor for a few moments. They’ll appear to be fascinated by their own hands bringing them together over their chest or chin to gaze at them. Which is so precious. 

At this age they look so grown up already in their little human outfits, but when they sleep curled up on their tummies they can still look like a  newborn/ smaller baby. Which means I'm able to get a mix of adorable images.


At 6-8 months they are now an OAB (old age baby!). They may be pushing themselves up, holding their head and may of even mastered sitting by themselves/ supported. This is one of my most favourite ages! I love their little giggles, how they grab their toes...and how parents say 'oh no they will never sleep'. Challenge accepted.

At this age they will be fascinated by my bubble machine, love a splash in the bath, happily sit and play and laugh at my silly-ness, appreciate my music and dance moves... These sessions are lots of fun! 

Some babies at this age can be a little curious and may find some of my dance moves a little scary. I'll be judging your baby the moment he/she comes through the door. I learn very quick if I need to take a step back and let Mummy and Daddy do the handling to not cause baby any stress or that I'll need to spend the first half an hour pretending to hurt myself with the giant teddies to break the ice.

I'll start the photoshoot with a consultation to find out what you like, what baby likes and what you don't. I have a range of blankets, baby props, baby support pillows, outfits and wraps that I'll use to create a beautiful collection of images, that you can treasure forever.

Family photos and siblings are included in these photoshoots at no extra cost. There are no time limits, they are only this small once.

View the investment guide for prices or for any information or to ask any questions please do get in touch.

Baby Photoshoot

Leeds | Harrogate | Bradford | Yorkshire

1st Birthday Cake Smash & 12months+

Celebrate your babies first birthday in style with a Cake Smash & Family Photoshoot or I recommend a fun and fast paced toddler shoot to suit short attention spans.

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