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Wedding themes 2020

As the desire for natural photography increases... so do the simple wedding themes to match. Think eco-friendly, nature, plants and elegance. With this comes the hope for the ideal outdoor wedding. Barns, botanical gardens and chateaus. However, with the weather in Yorkshire a plan B is necessary.


Couples are looking at ways of reducing plastics, using locally sourced suppliers, DIY projects and how they can implement greenery into the ceremony and reception.


In 2020 we will see more long tables creating a statement in themselves. Giant hanging floral center pieces are on the way out as we welcome elaborate wall displays and statement installations.

Instead of one-time use products, we will start to see a lot of couples getting creative with their wedding decor after the wedding. Like turning table cloths into curtains - yep!

Plastic favours will be swapped for seasonal fruit, hand picked flowers as gifts for their guests and potted little plants.


Custom wedding dresses are on the rise also.. featuring a secret love note or reading from the bible on the inside of your dress.

Two in one dresses are also becoming more preferred... especially in the heat of summer.


Instead of all-female bridesmaids and all-male groomsmen, 2020 will see a mix-up in how we choose who’s in our wedding party.

With a rise in humanist weddings, a decline in religious ceremonies and more gay weddings, how we marry in 2020 is going to be very different from previous years. This will show itself most in the wedding party as gendered traditions are thrown out the window and replaced with just the people the couple want standing by their side.

We’ll see more best women and males of honour, plus groomswomen and bridesmen. And there’ll be less use of the term ‘bridal party’. After all, there’s not always a bride.


Emma Deeley of The Tythe Barn, Oxfordshire, says, “The last few years we’ve witnessed men taking a lot more time, care and thought about what they will be wearing and many grooms are now requesting a dedicated space at the venue to get ready with their best man and ushers. Grooms want the same attention and treatment as the brides.”

They’ll invest in a special wedding day cologne, splash out on skincare products and facials, hire a personal trainer, and get the lads together for a traditional barber shop wet shave and haircut just before the wedding. 2020 is all about grooms treating themselves.


Rather than alternative dishes for a few of your guests with dietary requirements, all the guests will eat the same wedding breakfast, making vegetarianism and veganism the norm.

Whatever the weather, theme and venue. Make sure it's personal to you... create your own unforgettable day.

Have a wonderful wedding!!!


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