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Tips on rescheduling your wedding | Covid-19

Hearing you need to reschedule your wedding will probably send you into panic mode. Where do you even begin?! I am so sorry if this has happened to you. My heart breaks for you! I have written a couple of tips to help you focus and get those plans back into action.

If your venue has contacted you to say you need to reschedule your wedding here are some steps on what you need to do:

Step 1. Breathe and go for a walk. It's heart breaking. It is awful. But what matters is you/ your family are healthy and you will have the wedding you deserve... just a little later than expected. Take some time to put things into perspective.

Step 2. Get the available dates from your venue (for the end of 2020 or 2021 if you can). If it was me I would write off summer 2020. I think this will go on for a while, especially for large gatherings and you don't want to be back here again in a few months (but that's just my opinion).

Step 3. Choose your most preferred dates.

Step 4. Create a spreadsheet of your suppliers. Prioritise the ones that mean the most to you. Create headings next to them for your preferred dates.

Step 5. Contact your most preferred suppliers first. Call them if you can and find out which dates they are available for ASAP.

Step 6. Confirm your new date ASAP.

Step 7. Tell your guests - they will totally understand.

Step 8. Eventually, after a good sleep. Claim back any deposits, booking fees etc. that you are entitled to. I am pretty sure that legally under these circumstances no body should be keeping your deposit (unless they have already done work for you). However, it is best to find a compromise that works for both you and the supplier e.g. they can do your new date! The government is handing out grants to support businesses. However, there will be some small businesses that don't qualify. In these circumstances do what you think is morally right. There is no guide book for a pandemic...


- Re-book your wedding for a week day as most suppliers will be available then

- Be kind to yourself. This is a tragic situation in itself, never mind having to reschedule your wedding/ have the realisation it won't be happening when you had planned. Let yourself cry...and hug your wife/ husband to be. Eat bad food and watch a movie marathon <3

- Accept help from friends and family. They will probably love something to do.

- See it as an opportunity - another year to save, longer to make some DIY projects, plan a bigger stag do, honeymoon etc.


Remember... the party is going to be SOOOOO much better after all this.

You will get the wedding you deserve.

If you already have your wedding booked with me please know I will be working harder than ever to make sure you have the best day. I am here for you every step of the way. I will do everything I can do photograph your new day or find someone else I recommend who can (if you need).

If any couples have lost their chosen photographer or have been badly affected please get in touch to see how I can help.

If anyone needs any help with anything at all please just ask!

I have a long list of recommended suppliers if you need it.

Be safe, take care and all the best,

Jenna :)


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