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Home Baby Photoshoots

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Making new memories in your own home.

Whilst I adore doing shoots in my baby photography studio, I love the natural images I am able to capture in a clients' own home.


When I had my son we lived in a house that was quite literally falling down. It looked dreadful (the poor photographer!!) but it was home, and there were fond memories there (amongst the chaos) that I wanted capturing. I wanted to remember where home was at the time of having our first baby. Bringing your baby home for the first time is huge, having the memories of the first moments together is just everything. Now he is two and we will soon be knocking down the house, I'm so pleased I have the photographs!

When we knock down the house my current baby studio will sadly have to be knocked down too. I'm therefore looking forward to doing lots more shoots at client's homes until my new studio is built! Follow our self build project @abrookinafield.yorkshiredales

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