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Tips and timesavers - baby photoshoots

Updated: May 25, 2020

Why is this so important for a baby photographer? I spend around 60% of the time during a shoot soothing baby and if you want lots of photos its important that the photographer understands a baby's needs to save lots of time.

#1. White nose machines are amazing. I use one all the time throughout my sessions when baby is sleeping. It also helps to keep baby soothed whilst we chat away.

#2. Feed your baby around 30 minutes before your photoshoot to give your baby enough chance to get their wind up and settle their stomach. A baby filled with milk is a happy baby - once it has been digested.

#3. I recommend booking 3 - 10 days after your due date to capture the newborn sleepy stage. They grow so fast and become much more alert after 10 days.

#4. Bring anything that is sentimental to you or baby that I can incorporate into the images - it makes them extra special. In the past parents have brought baby scans, teddies, outfits, blankets etc.

#5. Some parents are against dummies... I think they are a god send! In photoshoots they save so much time. Sometimes babies just need soothing, but parents will assume they are hungry. If you feed baby when they don't need milk they may end up with an upset stomach. Having a dummy can save so much time and baby is much happier.

#6. A happy baby = happy memories for you. Should your baby become upset due to any common upsets such as colic or acid, I will use an array of techniques to soothe them. New parents can be rest assured your baby is in capable hands!

#7. Babies don't like getting changed too much... or at all! I therefore use different wraps and blankets to easily transition them between scenes, to not cause baby much stress and keep them sleepy.

#8. I use heating techniques to soothe baby and keep them cosy and comfortable. I will always be checking their temperature and I understand signs for a stressed overly heated baby.

#9. Please try to colour coordinate your outfits for the family photoshots. Try not to wear anything too bold, spotty or stripy as it will take the focus away from your new baby.


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