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Outdoor Family Photoshoots

Outdoor Family Photoshoots

Outdoors is my favourite location for family photoshoots. Why? Because I can capture you being totally natural and yourselves. If you have youngsters the Children love it too as they are free to run around!

My outdoor photoshoots aren't the norm.

There won't be any standing around posing awkwardly. There will be lots of games, running around, laughter, dancing, skipping... Just you as a family. Children or no children.

I don't want you to remember the time you was awkwardly stood in front of a photographer.

I want you to remember the time you simply went for a walk with your family and/or when your children were hip height charging around... the giggles, the snotty noses, the tantrums and the cheeky smiles.

One of my favourite locations for outdoor family photoshoots is St Ives in Harden. It offers a range of backdrops including woodland, a lake and open spaces. In summer there is so much greenery, Autumn the are so many colours, winter the snow makes it look like a magical wonderland and in spring there are 100s of bluebells. Whatever the season it is the perfect location for families to spend quality time together. There is a lovely park for the children to play in afterwards and there is also a cafe should you need a brew break.

I'm a member of the National Trust so I'm happy to explore any of the amazing locations!

Fountains Abbey is my ultimate favourite location....

For more information on my outdoor family photoshoots please visit or email me at


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