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Wedding Colours - trends for 2018

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Vintage, rustic and pastel colours may of been so 2017, but will that ever go out? It's a beautiful theme that you just can't get wrong... and in fact it has inspired most of us for 2018.

Black. Yep, you heard it, black is the new white... well, not quite but themes such as black, greens and bronze are on the rise... for winter weddings.

I think for this summer we will see lots more green, golds/ Rose Quartz and greys plus:

Lavender and lilacs (no not purple!)

Blues and dark reds (don't knock it until you've seen it)

Black & white stripes with gold

A touch of blue with greys - that's it, who stole my theme?!

Reds and peaches

Dark blue and mauve (with a touch of purple) - this looks incredible!

Dusty rose and pale green - no one do this please, I want it.

(I've basically just listed every colour...)

Anyway, don't listen to me listen to Pinterest (just joking!). It is so important that you choose what YOU (and your fiance) want. Don't just not do something because someone else has, or someone has an opinion on it. It's your day and you totally need to own it and enjoy it.

Jenna and Dom got their theme right down to a T. Their subtle touches of lilacs, greens and rustic DIY bits and bunting, made this wedding just so lovely!

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