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Wedding albums

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Wedding albums may seem like a thing of the past but I strongly believe in them! I think everyone needs one on their coffee table to show off to their friends and family... and one day in many years to come, dust it off and relive it with your children, grand children, nieces or nephews etc. and if you don't order one after your wedding you know its going to be one of those things that gets put off until Christmas 2025...

My wedding albums start from £400 which includes a personalised design which best shows off your wedding. I work with you to create something beautiful, I'll make suggestions on how I think it should be laid out, make sure all the colours match and your album flows, like a book should (and you have the chance to check it over and make changes to it if you change your mind before it is sent to print). I offer a range of options and sizes to suit any budget (and also include parent albums if you would like to make a gift) so let me know if there is something in particular you would really like.

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