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The best wedding games

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

You know what it like waiting for your food or that bit inbetween the wedding breakfast and the party, where the venue needs everyone to leave the room whilst they turn it around, or when the bride and groom go off for their photos, lets be honest, those can be quite a 'slow' times of the day for some people...

Do not fear, there is a solution... Play some games of course!

Mr and Mrs

1) Bride and Groom takes off one shoe each

2) Swap shoes

3) Stand back to back

4) Someone asks you questions about each (here are some questions you could be asked...

5) Raise the shoe of the person who you think is the answer to the question


Someone calls out a description and guests have to walk around the room to match with someone of that description.

Giant Jenga

A game that all ages will enjoy playing!

Giant Connect four

Taking you right back to your childhood

Guest who

Get a personalised game of Guess Who? made featuring all of your guests faces. It's hilarious!

Sack Race

A race, in a sack... what could possibly go wrong?

I spy with my little camera

This game gives you some extra snaps from your guest perspectives and its super fun. Leave disposable cameras on each table and ask your table to try and capture specific moments.

Choose a photographer who can recognise when things need turning up a notch and will turn having photos into a game


Fill in the blanks story cards

Have your guests answer questions about you both so during the wedding blues you can both look back and read what people said about you.

Dance off

Boys v Girls

Adults v Kids

Bride v Groom etc.

Photo props / photobooths

Other ideas...


Wedding singers

Conga line

Play a video of you both

Flash mob


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