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Questions to ask yourself and your wedding photographer

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

I'm sat here thinking what would I do if I was looking for a wedding photographer right now. These are the questions I came up with that I'd ask myself...

1) What style do I like?

2) What kind of images do I want on my walls?

3) What kind of images do I want in my wedding album?

4) Will I still like these photos in 10/ 20/ 30 years time?

5) Does the photographer get a variety of images?

6) Do they get photos of all the things that I deem important?

7) Do they seem confident enough to approach the guests?

8) Do the people in the photo look awkward or relaxed?

9) Will they appreciate that I have a good side?

10) Do they seem confident with managing large groups of people?

11) Do they have good reviews from past clients?

12) Do I like their brand as a whole?

13) Are they within my budget?

14) What are the Terms and Conditions?

15) Will they meet with me before I book?

When/ if you meet/ skype with them...

16) Do your best to get to know them inside and out, afterall its your day and you want the very best.

17) Do they have back up equipment?

18) Do they have insurance?

19) What is in their contract? Do you have any questions regarding anything that is stated?

20) What happens if they are poorly on your wedding day?

21) Anything else you deem important for your wedding day - don't hold back, trust me. A photographer is a huge part of your day and he/ she must be right for you both... Good luck! :)


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