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On the day photos, whats important and whats not?

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Ok, so just like when you do anything new, you're clueless unless you've done your research/ read heaps of books on things and listened to someone who has tried and tested it a 1000's over...

Every wedding you've been to you've probably noticed the whole wedding party disappear for around 2hours, you can't get two minutes with the bride and groom (who you've just spent £££ on!) and the day just seems to fly by, one minute you're cutting your toe nails in the morning and the next you're being literally dragged off the dance floor because the venue is closing (just me then?)... so prioritise.

First things first

For your photos firstly think about what YOU (and your partner) want, how you envision your wedding album to look, and what you think you'll actually use after the day. For some people they will literally spend hours getting 30+ group photos, taking up every spare minute of their special day.


If you've really thought about it and you really want lots of group shots, then please make sure you have enough time between the ceremony and wedding breakfast to get them. I recommend 1hr 30 at the least for photos of you with your family, friends, other guests, bridal party and both of you together (in that order).

The two of you

A lot of people hire me because they love my style (un-posed and natural) which is fabulous! However, on the day I think its really important that we spend a couple of minutes (30) getting a couple (100's) of snaps of the two of you together. I'll take you for a walk around your venue, and using the best places for lighting and to show off your venue/ personalities etc. I'll get as many as I can as quick as I can. I promise it will be pain free and you'll thank me one day... plus its a chance for you two to have some peace and quiet and realise you've just got married!

The little things

Again, people have hired me in the past because I literally get photos of everything. I think its super important as you will of put a lot of time and effort into picking things out, you'll now be a dab hand at DIY (thanks to pintrest!) and you want to remember it all/ not have to worry about it on the day. From shoes, bags, bouquets, bunting, the band, favors to the cake.

Your rings.

Morning preparations

Having your photos taken first thing in a morning isn't for everyone but the morning time is one of my most favourite time to take photos. Emotions are high, I have time to potter about to take photos of the bridal party and ultimately it helps makes the perfect story book for your album. I recommend around 2hrs before you leave for the ceremony. Most men are pretty insistent they don't want any extra snaps if they can help it, but if they do (great!!!) I can go between the two...and no I can't send messages!

Engagement photoshoot - pre wedding

It's not for everyone, but I love doing them as we have a lot more time then on your wedding day to get lots of shots and try new things. You can then use the photos as a nice display at your wedding, center pieces, save the dates/ invites, new profile photo etc.

Read my blog on places to have an engagement photoshoot to persuade you a little bit more.

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