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Best Places for Engagement shoots in Yorkshire

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Firstly, congratulations on your engagement! :)

We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world. We're surrounded by an abundance of country side, there are so many beautiful places, it could take you a lifetime to find them all.

Here are some of my favourite spots in no particular order for engagement photoshoots close(ish) to where I live, where you can also enjoy a day out afterwards too (or just go there anyway)... you're welcome!

Wycoller Village, West Yorkshire... Why?


1) Beautiful views from the top of the hill (and not a difficult hike!)

2) Some quirky objects to get photos with e.g. a Panopticon

3) Beautiful bridges

4) Beautiful river

5) Beautiful pond

6) Beautiful village

7) Lovely little cafe for refreshments

8) Close to more lovely places such as Haworth, Bronte, Stanbury and Oxenhope etc.

9) I know a secret spot for awesome images (if you're into hiking, wellies and wind swept photos)

St Ives, Bingley, West Yorkshire


1) It has amazing woodland

2) In Autumn so many leaves fall producing lots of lovely colours

3) In April/ May there are so many bluebells

4) It has a beautiful lake/ pond

5) It is child friendly (should you wish to bring your children)

6) It has paths, making it easy to walk around

7) I have several favourite spots I use to get guaranteed lovely photos

8) There is usually an ice cream van

Cow and Calf, Ilkley, West Yorkshire


1) Lovely views over Ilkley

2) Large rocks

3) There is the option of a cafe or a pub (winning!)

Helmsley, North Yorkshire


1) There is a castle

2) Lovely village

3) Surrounded by amazing countryside

4) Near to Harome

Harome, North Yorkshire


1) Near to Helmsley

2) Has a lovely thatched roof pub (The Starr Inn) and a lovely beer garden for the summer

3) Beautiful little village

4) Surrounded by amazing countryside

5) The drive there is just.. perfect.

Note. If you go for a day out to either Harome or Helmsley, make sure you go the extra mile(s) to visit both, so worth it!

Richmond, North Yorkshire


1) It has a river with rapids... (see below)

2) Surrounded by amazing green countryside (and great spots for camping fyi!)

3) Lovely village

4) Awesome castle

Bolton Abbey, North Yorkshire


1) It has woodland

2) It has a lovely river

3) It has quirky ruins

4) The Priory Church is incredible

5) It has stepping stones (for the cheesy shots)

4) It is just absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend it!


- They charge £10 per car!


- I know a secret parking space

Linton, Burnsall, North Yorkshire

1) I got a painting of this place because its so lovely

2) I go on dates here myself

3) It has a lovely bridge

4) It has a lovely river

5) It has lovely countryside

6) It has a lovely cafe looking over all of the countryside

7) A pebbled beach

8) It is just lovely

Newton Bank, Gargrave, North Yorkshire

1) Lots of narrow country roads with dry stone walls

2) Lots of dry stone walls

3) A beautiful canal

4) A beautiful bridge over the canal

5) Lots of green countryside

6) Stepping stones (for cheesy stepping stone shots)

Clapham, Yorkshire Dales

1) One of my most favourite places in the Yorkshire Dales

2) I went to one of the most beautiful (and secret) camping sites here

3) You get amazing views from the top

4) There is a huge waterfall

5) The village is beautiful

6) The cafe is awesome

7) Half way around (if you were to hike) there is a little pit stop van - helpful

8) So any walking routes

9) Its so green

The Lake District, Cumbria

1) All of the above and more... Please choose to have a shoot here.

This was on the side of Scarfell Pike (near Wasdale in the Lake District), my boyfriend (above in said lake) baked me this cake for Valentines Day. We've been together for 3 years now, I don't even get shop bought cake.

With these views from the top...

Fewstone Reservoir, North Yorkshire


1) Vast amounts of water always looks beautiful, but this is seriously stunning (if you know the right spots)

2) On top of the hill, you get a beautiful view through the trees

3) Lots of benches which are useful for tired legs and sitting down poses

4) Little beaches (better than Blackpool!)

5) Lovely woodland

6) A really easy/ steady stroll which can be halved

Dove Stone Reservoir, Oldham (Near Manchester)


1) Similar to Fewstone, except...

2) You can climb up a big hill which gives you awesome views (see below)

I know so many places with different types of scenery, just let me know if you have an idea of what you would like and I'll try track it down for you.

Ps. Apologies, the photos were all taken and edited on my phone (however, the last one is pretty epic!)

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