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Having a baby can be tiring and chaotic.

My baby photoshoots give you the chance to slow down and watch me create beautiful images of your baby.


Baby photography is only for the utmost patient people who fully understands a baby’s needs - time for feeds, changes, cuddles, massages, feeds, changes... what each cry, wiggle and squirm can mean, so you know how to soothe them correctly and safely so not to cause baby any stress.


It is very important to me that you feel comfortable with me handling your new baby and that is why I ensure I follow safe baby posing guidelines. I am baby first aid trained and I have lots of experience.

Understanding techniques to soothe baby should they suffer from common upsets such as colic or acid, can help to save a lot of time and ensure you get the best out of baby during a photoshoot. I have photographed over 400 babies, therefore developing a ’magic sense’ where I can recognise when a baby is hungry, has stomach ache, colic, acid reflux or is just simply tired... you'll leave your shoot with lots of soothing techniques!

Why is this so important for a baby photographer?

I spend around 60% of the time during a shoot soothing baby and if you want lots of photos its important that the photographer understands a baby's needs.

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