What to wear for your family photoshoot

I cannot stress how important outfits are for photographs! Make sure you spend some time to consider what to wear.

What is the best colour?

For outdoor photoshoots you want to wear colours that fits with the season (e.g. October - mustard yellows & browns). For my studio photoshoots please visit the studio what to wear guide.

Should everyone wear the same thing?

I recommend that for a family photoshoot you wear similar colours and outfits that won't clash, but not exactly the same (we're not living in the 90s!). Children can look cute when they wear matching outfits but it is entirely up to you.

Can I wear my stripy jumper?

Not really. Try to keep clear of any clothing with large patterns, stripes or spots. Also logos are a big no as they will quickly date the image.

What is the best style?

Personally in Summer I like long floaty dresses/ skirts as they always look super pretty. Men in short sleeved shirts and shorts. In winter I love wellies, trendy coats, scarfs etc. 

Can I wear all my jewels?

Definitely wear jewellery that is sentimental to you, however I'd avoid wearing anything that doesn't mean much to you (as in 3 years you may not like it anymore).

How should I wear my make up and hair?

Exactly how you want to, whatever makes you feel comfortable. It is best to wear hairstyles off the face so we can see your face in the photo (especially for children and on windy days!). If you want to feel super fabulous get your hair done by your favourite hair stylist before the shoot. I love using hands, so many sure you have your hands/ nails photo ready too!

Go seasonal!

If it's cold out, wear a coat (not flipflops) and if it's sunny wear something light (not fluffy). It will look odd if there are leaves on the ground and you're rocking your sunnies. In Yorkshire we're bless with all kinds of weather so dress for the occasion.


Layout everyone's clothes on the bed to make sure they all match and no one stands out like a sore thumb. 


Your photos are for you to keep many generations to come, you don't want to look back and dislike them because of what you're wearing. However do make sure you feel comfortable as your confidence will then shine through the camera. 

See you soon!

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