Sophia and Lee's Wedding Day at Rudding Park | Harrogate 

Sophia and Lee got married at the beautiful Rudding Park in Harrogate in March. Fortunately, it was a typical winters day and they got lots of snow! The weather was actually really kind and the sun came out later too (if it wasn't for the freezing temperatures/ windy conditions during the group photos I'd say it was perfect!). Rudding Park is an ideal wedding venue, it offers so much variety, from the old buildings to the modern hall ways, arty studies, library, cinema and huge grounds.. Including it's own church! I went a bit mad and took so many photos of the venue(s) and all of the beautiful little details Sophia and Lee added.


Sophia got ready with her bridesmaids into her beautiful dress and Ted Baker shoes (which I adored!). Lee took the opportunity to have a couple of drinks with his groomsmen then headed to the church where he eagerly awaited his bride to be. As Sophia arrived she literally took Lees breath away and he broke down into tears when he saw her (it was the perfect first look moment, it was difficult to spot a dry eye). The ceremony was beautiful and the priest was awesome, which meant I was able to get soo many photos (sorry!!). They left the church just as the snow started to fall which made the confetti shot so magical (even if everyone started to run off straight after due to the cold/ freeze). Before Sophia's 103 year old grandmother had to leave they had a quick dance together. Yes, her 103yr old grandmother stood up and put everyone in the room to shame with her dance moves, I genuinely was not expecting it (legend!). We then attempted to get a couple of group shots outside but after about five minutes of guests stood in the snow we decided to go back inside (my fingers were thankful for this decision). Later on the sun did make an appearance and we quite literally ran for the door to get some shots outside. 

After the speeches where Sophia's Dad totally embarrassed her with lots of 'memories' from her childhood, and where the best man... well was a great best man we then put on our coats to watch the firework display.... and on that note I'm stopping there as that's far too much excitement for one wedding day. These photos are fabulous and it genuinely was a pleasure to be the one to capture such an amazing, magical and simply stunning day - thank you! 

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