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The Little things...

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Me: Hi I'm Jenna and I'm a wedding photographer!

Everyone: Oh my god you must have so many ideas for when you get married!

...yes along the way I have seen lots of lovely things I'd definitely copy! The one thing that always stands out to me the most is the little personalised things which show off the couples personalities (probably because I also enjoy taking photos of them!). Here are a couple of ideas I've just found/ seen before at weddings...

Everyone loves a candle!

Bunting made out of old clothing/ a passed loved ones shirts etc.

Plant pots!

Hangover kits!

Personalised cookies!

Flip flops for the dance floor/ outdoor weddings

Personalised isle carpet (each to their own!)

Personalised mints

Personalised vase center piece

Guest who!

Themed cake!

Personalised photobooth (loved Mr and Mrs Moon's photobooth - see it here!)


Lego Mr and Mrs

Its your wedding, just do whatever you want...

I'm stealing this one!

Oh, and this one!

A bit too much?

Got to have your fur family at your wedding!

Ok, maybe that one is a bit too far?


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