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Covid-19 & Baby Photoshoots

I just wanted to reach out to any parents that are feeling a little unsure about their babies photoshoot.

Hopefully, I can help to reassure you about the kind of service you can expect and the serious precautions I am taking at the moment. Even though research suggests that the coronavirus hasn't affected infants or children, I still want to reassure you that your baby will be in the safest and cleanest hands.

Firstly, regardless of a pandemic my studio will always have the stench of bleach and anti bac drifting through the air. Before any photoshoot I give everything a good clean. However, at the moment everything is getting an extra scrub down!! From door handles to coasters... and anywhere customers may touch (no offence). I will also be asking every client to wash their hands as they enter to prevent any germs getting on any surfaces.

I live with my partner, Ryan and he is currently working from home for the time being. Ryan has Asthma and he is so OLD which is another reason we are taking it seriously. We're not attending any large events and we are both taking and following the NHS advice very seriously.

Should I even get even the slightest minor symptoms I will be informing clients straight away, cancelling all shoots and like anyone else self isolating for the recommended time.

I would also really appreciate it that if you or a relative have any symptoms then please get in touch to reschedule your photoshoot.

Like with anything. Please do your own research and take advice from health care professionals. If you would like to speak with me about your photoshoot or chat about your worries please call any time.

You can reach me on my mobile 07949394205, at the studio 01943 607985 or email me



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